Fullback Judd Sheen carries the ball against Southside over the weekend. (Jennifer Laver photo)

Fullback Judd Sheen carries the ball against Southside over the weekend. (Jennifer Laver photo)

JB Cowichan Bulldogs keep it rolling into Week 5

Southside forfeits peewee battle due to illness

The Cowichan Bulldogs junior bantams kept the momentum rolling with a 34-26 victory over the Southside Dawgs over the weekend.

“A huge game for us to win,” said head coach Trystan Ryder. “It was a back and forth game that went down to the wire. Our team played hard right to the final whistle, and we ended up with the win.”

Right from the start, Cowichan defence was put to the test, and passed with flying colours, beginning with the D-line making tackles that forced turnovers, stymieing Southside’s running game.

Maxim Magnan and the secondary stayed on their toes and defended well against the Dawgs’s long game.

That’s not all.

“Cornerbacks Odin Nixon, and Carter Gray were in the right place at the right time and able to make some key stops,” Ryder said. “Landen Laver, and William Bahen both had strong games at linebacker. Our defence prides itself on being a group that brings all players to the ball, and this game was proof of that.”

As for the offence, 34 points is proof they were up for the challenge.

“Things are really starting to click. It is so rewarding to see this team work together and produce such positive results. Our running game was relentless,” Ryder said, adding that fullback Judd Sheen “was an absolute beast” in picking up multiple first downs and scoring thrice on the day.

Jaipaul Bains carried another ball across the goal line as well while wingback Carter Gray gave Southside’s defence all they could handle, whether it was blocking out of the backfield, or using his speed on the ground, gaining positive yards.

“A strong game on the ground can’t exist without hard work and execution from the offensive line. Guard Isaac Bollinger had another standout game. This player is an extremely hard working individual, and with a work ethic like his, great things are sure to come,” Ryder said.

Special teams also played a role, with Magnan scoring a touchdown on a returned kick thanks to Magnan’s wheels and the epic blocking of his teammates that allowed him to find the holes.

“We are happy with the win, and overall execution from the team,” Ryder concluded. “We will learn from some of the mistakes made, and look to improve at practice.”

The peewee Bulldogs were also slated to play Southside on the weekend but that game was forfeited by Southside due to illness.

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