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Duncan figure skaters return to action with two competitions

Hiatus ends with Vancouver Island FunSkate and Skate International
After two and a half years off, members of the Duncan Skating Club have entered two competitions in recent weeks. (Lorraine Francisty photo)

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had been two and a half years since skaters from the Duncan Skating Club entered a competition, and they broke out of that lull with some strong results at a pair of competitions in late March and early April.

“It was nice to see their faces light up with the chance to finally compete,” head coach Lorraine Francisty commented.

First up was the Vancouver Island FunSkate Competition at Archie Browning Arena on March 18-20. The club sent three skaters to that event.

Star 1 Group 3: Claire Volk

Star 5 13 & Over: Madeline Perret – fourth

Star 6 Women: Kiera Klymchuk – sixth

Star 7 Women: Kiera Klymchuk – fifth

Gold Artistic: Kiera Klymchuk – second

The next competition was the Vancouver Island Skate International in Parksville on April 1-3. Nineteen skaters represented the Duncan club.

Star 1 Group 2: Rylee Crook – bronze

Star 1 Group 3: Zendaya Winn – bronze

Star 1 Group 4: Nora Brackett – bronze

Star 2 Group 2: Claire Volk – bronze

Star 2 Group 4: Farrah Phillips – bronze

Star 2 Group 5: Brooklyn Galavan – bronze, Heidi Phillips – bronze

Star 2 Group 6: Makayla Crook – silver, Aolani Jimenez – bronze

Star 2 Group 8: Aliah Delano-Prenz – bronze, Jayda Watson – bronze

Star 3 Group 10: Chinta Carnochan – bronze

Star 3 Group 12: Annette Blumel – silver, Lisa Kusz – bronze

Star 4 U13 Group 3: Lyla deLeeuw – eighth

Star 5 13 & over: Madeline Perret – 10th

Star 6: Kiera Klymchuk – fifth

Star 7: Kiera Klymchuk – fourth

Gold Artistic: Kiera Klymchuk – fifth, DelRae Olson – ninth, Hailey Cerrer -11th