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Coaches sought for rewarding volunteer work

Bulldogs looking for help in fall football season

The Cowichan Bulldogs are looking for coaches for the fall football season to help continue the sport’s long tradition in the Cowichan Valley.

Applications are being sought for all coaching positions for the midget (16-18) bantam (14-15) and junior bantam teams.

“Coaching is a great way to develop and train young athletes and help them become better people,” coaching coordinator Mike Williams said. “Cowichan football has a strong history of producing some great players and that is a reflection of some of the dedicated coaches that have been involved throughout the years. Over the last few years the club has had a few great and committed coaches — PJ Shea, Steve Bowler, Tim Maertz and Opie Williams just to name a few — but there is always an open door for more volunteers. This spring we have welcomed a few more great people into the coaching ranks.”

Shea, who currently coaches the Cowichan junior bantams, vouched for the value of coaching young football players.

“Cowichan Football has been a part of the community for over 51 years,” he pointed out. “Football truly is the ultimate team game. Moreso then almost any other sport, it teaches that collectively you are stronger. The players running the ball need players blocking. The people making the tackles need their teammates to force the ball towards them.

“Though there may be athletes with extremely high skills or drive, their success depends on the commitment and trust of every member of the team. As a coach, it is a balancing act of managing different personalities, skills and expectations. It is not always easy, but the positive results far out number the negative.

“Football can provide incredible opportunities for those that commit to the work that is required, and the recognition that respect, responsibility and accountability are the basis of success. Cowichan Football coaches require a commitment and a dedication to the values that the sport represents.”

Williams pointed out that the Bulldogs have a big support network for coaches, both inside and outside of the club.

“We are committed to helping coaches get better by having them attend clinics regularly where they can not only earn from some high-level instructors, but from the other coaches,” he said. “Learning from peers is a great way to make skills practical. For those that have played before, coaching is a great way to stay involved in the sport. It is also a great way to give back to the game and the community.”

The application deadline for coaching in the fall is rapidly approaching. Anyone with questions or interest should email