Another bagpipe-type morning at March Meadows

John Leach

March Meadows Senior Men

Playing golf at March Meadows Tuesday morning one could almost expect to hear the skirl of  bagpipes and the clash of claymores rather than the smack of club against ball.

Such was the cool misty day.  Still, attendance for the Senior Men was good and the weather didn’t seem to hamper the play.

Bob Leach won a ball for closest to the pin on number one and Jack Ringheim, for the second time in two weeks, was closest on number seven.

Birdies were holed by Daryl Proulx, Earl Laforge, Graeme Cockle, Jack Ringheim, Jim Peterson, Ron McGovern and Bob Leach.  Bob sank two. Ray Bourassa chipped in for his birdie. Sandy pars were made by Jim Peterson and Eric Olson.

Rick Nott finished with the low gross and John Barger with the low net. Frank Fraser knew the slogan (Play hard, play fair, and have fun).

There have been a number of close calls on the barrel over the last few weeks but the target has been able to dodge all attempts. Keep at it guys.

A “gimme” can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers, neither of whom can putt very well. ~Author Unknown