Where is all the federal pandemic money coming from?

I firmly believe that since the gold standard ceased to be, the money system became a house of cards

Perry Foster asks the question, “whether the federal government understands the concept of federal debt”, in his letter “Federal economic stimulus a bad idea”.

Yes, it’s shocking the way federal money is being slung around by, not only the Trudeau government, but other nations of the world. However, it should come as no surprise that in this day and age of credit, governments have no other choice. It might be “a bad idea” as Foster alludes, but a necessity. However, as far as debt is concerned, I’m positive we haven’t got the full picture how it all works, nor will we ever.

Where is all the federal pandemic money coming from?

It is interesting that during the Great Depression no such handouts were available. Pray tell, what has changed? Where is the money coming from? Is it loans, and if so, from what source? Is it simply being created out of paper, in the same way as our federal government expands its money supply in good times when our economy is flourishing?

If so, why was this system not used during the Great Depression to relieve the suffering? Why are the richest nations of the world, including Canada, in debt over their ears?

My personal opinion is that neither the IMF, the World Bank, including the central banks of the world, want the masses to know how the money system really works. I firmly believe that since the gold standard ceased to be, the money system became a house of cards, run by Big Brothers of the world, meaning the IMF and other related big banks or organizations.

Money is nothing but a number, a big number or small, still, it’s only a number. However, other than being used within a country for buying and selling of goods and services, I’m sure its real purpose globally is control of the nations and their masses.

Think of it, what would happen during this COVID pandemic if there were no numbers for the starving masses? Society would break down pronto!

A house of cards? How many times in recent years have you seen the IMF etc. step in and prevent countries from going under? Why is it that the answer in rescuing them is by lending them even more numbers, knowing damn well that there isn’t a hope in hell that the debt can ever be repaid? I do believe that if the debt of any country was to be forgiven the house of cards would collapse, also pronto.

It’s only a number folks, and I’m damn sure that Trudeau’s government, at this time of emergency, is getting its direction from the central banks’ central bank — being the IMF.

When the pandemic has run its course we, the masses, will be in deeper in debt as we are now, and global big brother will start pulling hard on our strings, including that of our great, great grandchildren because of the numbers they somehow electronically transferred to Canada.

Anyway, that’s my take on the situation.

John Walker

Cobble Hill