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Trudeau trying to have it both ways

Now, when he is forced to oppose China, he is perfectly willing to do that too

Trudeau trying to have it both ways

Feint left, bob and weave, feint right. That might be the best description of what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done since the beginning of his reign as our highest elected official.

In 2015 he outmanoeuvred the NDP by scooping up their left wing mandate, thereby reducing their power and replacing them as the apparent social justice champions of Canada and the party of the working man.

Now he is feinting right with his “tough stance” on China, a position long held by Erin O’Toole. It might be good at this point for us all to stretch our memory cells back a bit to November 2013 during “lady’s night” with Justin when he stated his level of admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship” as a way to “turn their economy around on a dime.” How has he now managed to fall out of love with China? The answer is that he hasn’t.

With his announcement of the wonderful opportunity COVID-19 has given us all (has it really been wonderful for the stricken and massively unemployed?) to establish the “Great Reset,” in other words, a more robust form of globalist socialism we are now treated to Justin’s real appearance sans the mask. We must now ask ourselves exactly what that face looks like.

For years now he has collaborated with the Chinese government and clinked wine glasses with China’s best known and wealthiest. Now, when he is forced to oppose China, he is perfectly willing to do that too, in appearance if not in fact.

Along with his attempt to “scoop the right” he has also thrown off the mask by announcing that we must all be in accord with the U.N. Agenda 2030 initiatives. What seems to have escaped him is that Canada is a sovereign nation, not beholden to either China or the U.N. We are not under the jurisdiction of either of those entities.

Now that Canada has virtually been reduced to a nation dependent on Chinese international students and tourists, all of whom may be coming to Canada during the latest COVID spike, we might well wonder how genuine Justin Trudeau’s tough stance is and what his motives are.

As for following the U.N.’s dictates on policy, for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals it is, to quote Shakespeare, “A consummation devoutly to be wished.” No Canadian should be happy about that.

Perry Foster