Letter: Veterans treated badly

It constitutes a gross dereliction of duty by both parties, period

Veterans treated badly

Is this what the vaunted Canadian health care system has come to?

The treatment of veterans by both the Liberals and Conservatives up to this point has been atrocious at best.

The latest incident of a veteran being offered the option of euthanasia as a medical alternative for his condition, a condition imposed on him while serving his country, at the behest of the Canadian government, is both beyond the pale and nothing short of criminal. It constitutes a gross dereliction of duty by both parties, period.

Veterans are not the only ones facing this debacle. Apparently if one has been diagnosed with a mental illness the current proposal seems to be “euthanize the patient and save everyone a pile of money”, as reported by the PBO. MAiD (medical assistance in dying), whether one chooses this option of his/her own free will or not, is by PBO accounts the preferred treatment method that will provide a cost saving of $17,000 per individual. Wow, oh Canada!

If the citizens of this country prefer the status quo, heed this, “if you do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

The electoral system needs to change to ensure all Canadians have a voice in how we choose to be governed, and how we choose to live or die! Not some bean counting politician or bureaucrat!

Gerald Hornsby

Lake Cowichan