Letter: Uproar a waste of energy

OK, they made noise and got their point across, but how do they continue from here?

Uproar a waste of energy

In the last few weeks, the call for freedom of choice by most truckers was heard loud and clear in the streets of Canada. Their demand of freedom of choice, to decide whether or not to be vaccinated, is one they already have available to them. They always had the choice to be or not to be vaccinated. It was never taken away from them!

It’s the accountability and consequences of their choice that they may not like. Not being able to work when they are not vaccinated is what they face when they defy the recommendation of the Health Authority. Instead of negotiating or exploring their options, they went out to demonstrate and become a nuisance to most of their fellow citizens.

OK, they made noise and got their point across, but how do they continue from here? Obviously, their current tactics aren’t working, nor have they come to the table with a counter solution. In the meantime, businesses and their customers are the ultimate victims of this issue, which unfortunately, affects the truckers’ own families. So to me, this whole uproar is a waste of time and energy!

There are rules we have to obey to safeguard ourselves and others, such as having a driver’s licence, rules regarding cargo safety, DUI, etc. Being vaccinated is just another safety rule to protect the truckers and others. They may want to discuss alternative solutions such as delivering goods to non-vaccinated sites only, not getting out of their cabs and communicating online, or using heavy duty masks and gloves, etc.

Hopefully this is all a moot point now that rules regarding mask use are eased. Instead we may want to turn our attention to those who are really fighting for their personal freedom. Who will listen to their cries for help? No amount of honking horns or megaphone messages are going to protect them from the the onslaught of a madman’s army! Have we not learned our lesson? It is our duty to protest this war; to strongly suggest to our MPs to make this a priority! Let’s do it!

One does not appreciate what one has, until one loses something or somebody dear forever!

Judy van der Boom

Mill Bay