Letter: ‘Tyranny’ accusations ridiculous

I received vituperation and ad hominem replies, not a single point of rebuttal formulated on logic

‘Tyranny’ accusations ridiculous

At the end of August, I wrote a letter, to this paper, expressing the assertion that choices entailed consequences.

In reply, I received vituperation and ad hominem replies, but not a single point of rebuttal formulated on logic.

Letters, subsequent to mine, have met with the same response as well by the same people, espousing the same Trump-ian, U.S.-based assertions of constitutional rights.

Use of the word “tyranny” is becoming frequent: a ludicrous proposition.

At the same time, memes circulated on Facebook, by the anti-vax, anti-COVID conspiracy crowd, equate the minor inconveniences, of masks and vaccination papers, with the horrors inflicted on the Jews.

This is not only morally reprehensible, it is morally depraved, and it is no surprise, then, that certain of that ilk take to protesting outside of hospitals, harrassing care workers, planting razor blades under posters on Tube train windows.

It is also no surprise that more of them are attempting to obtain fraudulent exemptions or outright fake vaccination certificates. They haven’t the courage of their convictions.

It is the height of hypocrisy for them to foment against vaccination and vaccination papers, but then to grovel to obtain these documents.

Since these anti-vax protesters seem to insist on referencing U.S., rather than Canadian sources, I would refer them to a single burning question by Joseph Welch; but not simply the question, per se, but the insane conspiracy it challenged.

Bruce Simmons