Letter: Shop around for gas

The difference of 14 cents a litre between the stations

Shop around for gas

I have noticed that the price of gas in Duncan fluctuates as each station sets the price.

Case in point: on Dec. 29 in Duncan, the price of gas at the two Shell stations was at $1.69, Chevron was $1.59, Petro Can $1.54 and Esso $1.53 a litre while in Victoria which has a five cent a litre tax that Duncan doesn’t impose, was $1.55 a litre.

On Dec. 30, the prices are still as noted above. The difference of 14 cents a litre between the stations shows how much disregard that these Shell operators have for the consumers.

I was amazed at the people purchasing gas from Shell when right next door they would save 14 cents a litre, on a 50 litre tank it would be about $7.

My suggestion is that, as consumers, we boycott the stations that raise their prices and purchase our gas from the other gas stations. In doing so, the greedy stations will lose market share and would have to lower their prices to get it back. This was done in eastern Canada when we lived there in the ’90s and it worked.

Get ready for another increase in the carbon tax in 2023 on gasoline purchases.

If you are rich, you do not need to worry about the rising cost of things, but if you aren’t rich, you should take notice and shop around for gas.

R. Camley