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Letter: Restore logging in forest reserve

What I found was run of the mill “we must do better” with our forests

Restore logging in forest reserve

In a recent letter critical of the history of the forest reserve, the writer made reference to significant remarks by our new tall premier. The impact attributed to the remarks and their significance on the MFR was the equivalent to the Sermon on the Mount to Christians, the Gettysburg Address to Americans, of Churchill’s “We will fight them on the Beaches” to the Allied nations. So I checked and what I found was run of the mill “we must do better” with our forests. No stop logging and make your money with carbon credits as I had anticipated.

And then a few weeks later the tall premier shows up in the middle of North Cowichan with $20 million to employ people using the products of logging, not selling carbon credits. No municipal person in sight, even though our new mayor (and perhaps some Pausers) are on the same team. Contact our municipal council and tell them to join Canada and B.C. in a responsible economic use of our forest. Restore the operation of our forest.

Glen Ridgway

North Cowichan