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Letter: Redacted email, deadline change

It boggles my mind, what about yours, the people of the Cowichan?

Redacted email, deadline change

In a quick unanimous vote by North Cowichan council, the deadline for the public forestry survey is extended by another month. Why?

A redacted email that was presented by Councillor Manhas to be placed on the Dec. 21 council agenda led to a quick decision for the survey time extension.

Manhas, a logging advocate and who has been the lone and consistent complainer on council regarding the cost of the forest management review, has now convinced the whole council to suddenly extended the survey. In my opinion, this contradiction in Manhas’s modus operandi is suspicious and comes shortly after the group Cowichan Works had messaged their membership to complete the forest survey in favour of the status quo option.

In my opinion this action has now created extra cost, going against Manhas’s principals, yet this cost overrun now means nothing to Manhas? The optics of this action by Manhas speaks volumes about his character and his effectiveness of representing taxpayers fairly. In other words and in my opinion, Manhas is biased and is only representing a segment of our population who believe that cutting down old growth trees is a worthwhile cause during a global climate emergency.

It boggles my mind, what about yours, the people of the Cowichan?

Bryan Senft

North Cowichan