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Letter: Proposed pathway would be waste of money

Then they think they’re going to do that all the way to Trunk Road

Proposed pathway would be waste of money

Why is it that something seems to infect elected officials, to do the wrong thing, when it comes to spending our hard earned tax dollars?

Here in Duncan there is a hairbrained idea coming out of council to parallel the sidewalk on the east side of the highway, beginning at the Silver Bridge and going north with a second walking path. I believe they think that it could eventually tie in with the paved walkway that is located on the east side of the highway beginning at James Street and heading north to the Thrifty’s intersection.

Let’s back up to the Silver Bridge, and the first block fronts the Riverstone condo complex so they propose to head six or so feet towards our building and put in another pathway. Gravel or concrete I’m not sure. Then they think they’re going to do that all the way to Trunk Road. Not possible, there is no land from the “Farm” on to do any additional walkway. Unless a great deal of fill with concrete blocks is located on various properties.

What makes even less sense is the fact that the city claims they are using “gas tax dollars” from the federal government. Gas tax dollars? I thought that was to be spent on transportation infrastructure. If those dollars, taken from all the car drivers, is being frittered away for dreams and schemes of our local elected officials I think it would be better just to reduce the federal gas tax or refund some taxes to the hard pressed citizens of Canada to help with our runaway inflation.

Wasting money seems to be the infection our elected officials suffer from. Municipal, regional, provincial and federal. It has to stop, and this proposed walkway is a good place to stop it. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention there are some roads and sidewalks that could use some attention if the money must be spent.

Jack Peake