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Letter: NDP may do better with ferries

Seems it’s all about money

NDP may do better with ferries

Joy McPhail and the NDP could do a better job running the ferries than Clark and Campbell. The Liberals under Campbell privatized the ferry system in 2003. Why?

The government is the single shareholder. The CEO made $488.544, and got benefits etc. that kicked it up to $563,062. Now you know why Campbell privatized the system.

There are now many people running the ferries private system. But then we as taxpayers have to pick up the tab.

We will also have to pick up the tab for Site C dam. Clarke said it would cost $6 billion. She poured $2 or $3 billion into it prior to losing the election to the NDP. That was so the NDP under Mr. Horgan couldn’t stop it. And all the big main contractors are Liberal supporters.

And it is now estimated the cost will be more than $16 billion.

And now there will be thousands of acres of good farmland under 50 feet of water. People in the know said the dam was not needed and is in a very poor area.

Seems it’s all about money. And I guess that’s why our taxes are going out out of sight.

If you’re a senior it comes out of your savings, if you’re working you go for a raise. The president of the U.S. gets $400,000 annually. Nice comparison. Eh?

Jack Holliston

Lake Cowichan