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Letter: NDP going to ruin BC Ferries

NDP is again going to damage and make our ferries more expensive and ineffective

NDP going to ruin BC Ferries

Here we go again! The NDP just can’t keep its dirty mitts off BC Ferries. The NDP has now put Joy McPhail in charge of what has been a semi-independent government owned company.

BC Ferries is tasked with running an efficient and effective ferry business that is one of the largest in the world. BC Ferries has done a good job for the past 20 years running a challenging business without political interference. That all ends with direct NDP control of our ferry system now.

Wasting more than $1 million to get rid of the long time professional CEO so that Ms. McPhail can again exercise complete control of our vital ferry system, the NDP is again going to damage and make our ferries more expensive and ineffective like it has done with our health and hospital system.

You can bet the unionized employees who are very highly paid but have trouble showing up for work will increase their stranglehold on this critical part of B.C.’s highway system and the public will suffer under direct political control.

First step will be to find some hapless local ship builder to build new ferries so B.C. can adopt a procurement system like the Canadian military where costs are higher than anywhere else on earth and it takes decades to build new ships that might actually work.

The last batch of three ferries the NDP built were parked after six months and sold for scrap. A 1999 report by B.C.’s Auditor-General concluded that the fast ferry project had been beset by “significant breakdowns in both governance and risk management” a.k.a. political interference and incompetence. Get ready folks.

W.E. (Bill) Dumont

Cobble Hill