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Letter: More speed humps needed on community streets

Folks tell me speeding is rampant across both of our municipalities

More speed humps needed on community streets

Dear mayors and councillors:

I can sure relate to resident Cathy Archibald’s frustration and anger concerning chronic speeding and rowdyism on Cairnsmore Street.

Her timely concerns appear in Tuesday’s online letters to The Citizen newspaper.

It seems a no-brainer for both councils to install inexpensive, very effective speed bumps or humps, flanked by warning signs, on streets where residents complain of constant speeding and rowdyism.

Apparently Cairnsmore Street is a prime candidate now for such smart speed calming.

However, folks tell me speeding is rampant across both of our municipalities.

It will stay that way until more residents demand speed calming from their councillors.

On the positive side, I live on Banks Road where North Cowichan council and public works wisely listened to Banks residents some years ago and installed a signed, concrete S-curve. Thankfully, council also reduced Banks’ speed limit to 30 km/h.

Speed humps would have been cheaper and arguably more effective, but our S-curve serves to help curb speeding and stunting by ignorant motorists.

Councillors, please start installing speed humps and bumps on our dangerous streets now, before folks are killed by reckless drivers.

Peter W. Rusland

North Cowichan