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Letter: More campgrounds, less free RV parking

More campgrounds, less free RV parking

More campgrounds, less free RV parking

So I’m listening to the news this evening when I hear about this idea of trying to find places for folks to park their RV’s while living in them in the Valley and Duncan…hey better watch this!

So both councils are going to look into this issue even with a possibility of maybe letting folks parks for free in the area. I have an idea that is long over due on this island!

First off the province needs to pull at least a quarter of the timber leases and develop some of this property not only for campgrounds but lots for lease or sale to the general public. Every year it’s harder and harder to get a campsite as this Socialist government think it a good idea to have that reservation system which is a failure for average B.C. citizens.

But let’s remember what a great idea it was to make Duncan a opiate safe-haven.

BW Lowe

Duncan BC