Letter: Logging deferral will endanger jobs

These trees do grow back in a healthy state

Logging deferral will endanger jobs

Not too long ago we had just gone through a union strike that put thousands out of work and had the North Island communities on the brink of destruction. I am writing about the forest industry workers.

Growing up in a Cowichan Valley family that has been employed in the industry I have been able to watch the ups and downs of this industry. This last down has got me amazed on how a group of individuals that have not contributed anything close back to the economy, nor back to helping replant and rehabitat any of the forest lands, has got their way by creating destruction and spending tax payers’ money with needing the RCMP support to insure safety out in the forest.

With John Horgan deferring 2.6 million hectares all it takes is one to look at a map and realize they are leaving nothing left. Yes these trees would be scheduled to be cut down, but go for a walk through Glenora trails and see how those second growth forests have grown back. These trees do grow back in a healthy state, giving the undergrowth a new life as well. Wildlife are given a new food source when a cut block is opened up with standing timber beside for cover.

All I’m asking is the word needs to get out there to stop the cutting of jobs and increasing the push for jobs in promoting plantation of the new forest. Open up more tree nursery to double down on planted trees. Increase jobs to go back into the fresh cut blocks to salvage anything not taken for lumber logs and grind and replenish the soil to give it a quicker recovery. We do that with our gardens every year, why can we not do it with our forest lands?

Its time to help this quiet tax paying community that puts food on their family table and supports these small towns to insure these towns are here to stay instead of enlarging the already over crowded metropolis cities of British Columbia. These towns are a great place for the future kids to grow up in and not just become a summer time retreat. I hope I am able to reach out to some groups of community to help sway the idea that there is going to be many families without work just because our government could not stand up to this group of protesters that have not brought any good to the area besides the garbage left behind from their so-called camps.

Robert Mcallan

Lake Cowichan