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Letter: Letter writer wrong about candidates’ barbecue

Not an election rally, but a barbecue

Letter writer wrong about candidates’ barbecue

Regarding the printing of Bryan Senft’s letter to the editor Thursday, Oct 6, and the online publication. Bryan states falsely on multiple occasions that at our (Chris, Joseph, and myself) meet and greet at Home Hardware that there was a) an election “rally” — this is false, it was a free barbecue for blue collar workers; b) there were signs being held up at the highway that garnered honking of horns. Another completely fabricated story, and I have sent the editor the one sign that was held up inviting the workers to a free barbecue. c) The signs “garnered the yelling of freedom”. Absolute nonsense. Bryan knows this is, as do the 20-plus other witnesses that were there.

I am also shocked that Bryan is allowed to label people, in a newspaper, such slanderous names as “right-wing extremists”, which holds definitions and connotations that are frankly disgusting in nature, and could cause harm towards myself and other candidates if taken at face value. Let’s do better as a community.

Adrienne Richards