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Letter: Holland Creek developments disappointing

Could the town not find a way to develop in a smarter way

Holland Creek developments disappointing

First off let me start by saying that progress is important and I am by no means against it. If anything it’s exciting and I am optimistic that humans will begin to work together to live in a more symbiotic relationship with planet earth.

However, the way that the town of Ladysmith has dealt with the Holland Creek Trail developments shows that they do not have everyone’s best interest in mind. It appears as though a profit first mentality has been taken on board with whomever green lit those projects.

As a long time local it’s very sad to see the trail blocked off, trees ripped up and the longstanding natural beauty destroyed all for more houses. This not only impacts the ecosystem it also affects the people and dogs that enjoy the trail and maintain an active lifestyle, which is critical for mental and physical health benefits.

Could the town not find a way to develop in a smarter way such as refurbishing or demolishing structures in the downtown area for apartments in order to provide more affordable and sustainable housing? Is there land elsewhere that is not close to local watersheds that would be less impacted by development? Does the town need as many ball fields as we have or could the one in the downtown core be developed into parking and more housing?

I for one hope to see the trails re-opened as soon as possible, a much more responsible approach to development and an explanation as to how this is sustainable and ethical growth for all who call this place home.

I am not alone in my disappointment and hope that many other local residents voice their concerns before more land devastation occurs.

Tyler Buck