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Letter: Forest economy pays taxes

It’s important to see the whole forest, not just the trees

Forest economy pays taxes

You have had a recent visitor to North Cowichan write a “column”, not a letter to the editor, which was negative on the reforestation standards of the municipal forest. I think his visit was to that forest although he referred to Six or Seven Mountains which I could not find on the map. He protested the uniform plantings and the lack of undergrowth/diversity in a portion of the forest near Mount Prevost. He is a supporter of the “pause” cause which has cost North Cowichan taxpayers somewhere over $2 million in the past three years.

On his next visit from Cowichan Bay I would suggest a more fulsome visit to some of the other 4,990 acres of the forest other then that section he was directed to by someone. As for the diversity of the forest and its use, I am sure as he walked north from Cowichan Bay Mr. Slade would have seen the new building near the Community Centre. The new high school costing $90 million-plus. If he had continued walking (or biking) towards Mount Prevost on Bell McKinnon Road he would have seen a clear cut tract of land with all living material removed. It’s about 15 acres. It’s our new $500 million-plus hospital. The Community Centre, the new school and new hospital are paid for in significant part by taxes generated by our forest economy (and the sale of natural gas leases/taxation).

And as he walked/biked home throught deep southeastern North Cowichan he would have gone by the Cowichan Bay sawmill, a substantial North Cowichan taxpayer and employer.

It’s important to see the whole forest, not just the trees on your visits.

Glen Ridgway

North Cowichan