Letter: Fairy Creek situation out of hand

People are being hurt on all sides

Fairy Creek situation out of hand

We have recently learned that a logging truck leaving Fairy Creek has collided with two RCMP vehicles heading to enforce the court injunction at that location.

When will the BC NDP government acknowledge that this whole situation has gotten out of hand and is now a tragic and unnecessary debacle?

People are being hurt on all sides. There has been several serious accidents, as well as a person missing in the woods with little chance of survival. This is not to mention blatantly illegal police tactics along with brutal and abusive treatment of indigenous and non-indigenous forest protectors, elders and minors alike.

Oh, and the ongoing destruction of our best safeguard against ecological and atmospheric degradation: old-growth forests.

All this from a party that boasts peerless social justice and climate policies. Nobody wants this futile and embarrassing charade to continue. Enough is enough!

Aaron Padolsky

Mill Bay