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Letter: Environmental waste without political utility

Ban election signs

Environmental waste without political utility

Every election, thousands of signs pop with ‘Vote for XYZ’. The signs do not describe any political platforms; they do not give our voters any idea of why one should vote for the candidate.

All of these signs, some of which are quite large, are ultimately disposed of creating waste without any utility whatsoever.

I feel these signs should be banned.

Instead, there should be one centralized website where each candidate is listed with their platforms. Each given the same amount of space to describe their plans. Finally, a copy of this list (with platforms) should be available for viewing at each voting site.

This would be a great way to engage voters in a meaningful way and create fair elections, based on policy not popularity and money. Plus, it would be reducing waste and encouraging sustainability, which I imagine is a platform of several candidates, although I can’t tell from their uninformative signs.

Kalen Leech-Porter

North Cowichan