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Letter: Councillors ‘inciting drama and hysteria’

Councillors ‘inciting drama and hysteria’

Councillors ‘inciting drama and hysteria’

Phasing out gas fuelled garden Equipment in North Cowichan Councillors Marsh and Justice are inciting drama and hysteria by recommending shutting down the use of gas powered garden equipment in North Cowichan. These folks have lost touch with the average person in town who is grappling with high taxes, rising interest rates, and high inflation. While countries like India and China continue to build dirty, carbon spewing thermal electric power plants, these two councillors are suggesting that we throw away, forcibly by their edict, all of our equipment and replace it at a great cost, a cost that most can not afford, just because Oak Bay has presumably mandated it. Additionally, these two councillors do not take into account that all of the farmers in North Cowichan use carbon fuels to operate their equipment or that council has even failed to shut down the use of wood burning stoves in town because it would be too painful financially for those burning wood.

We have an opportunity to bring back some sanity to council this Oct. 15 in the municipal elections. Toss these two out of office.

Don Swiatlowski

North Cowichan