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Letter: City ignored residents on homeless site

When is it going to be enough?

City ignored residents on homeless site

Re: Homeless cabins at 610 Trunk Rd.

I feel the need to address the issue concerning the project for the homeless at 610 Trunk Rd. We, and I am speaking on behalf of the 600-plus people (residents in the area) who signed the petition against this project going forth, are furious.

When is it going to be enough? In this area we already have a temporary housing project in the Ramada Hotel.

I wrote a ltter to Michelle [Staples, mayor Duncan] two weeks ago when I first heard of this, voicing our concerns over having another one in our area, letting her now she could contact me at any time day or night to hear our concerns — hear nothing!

We have seen and heard these “vulnerable” people at all hours of the day and night — music, shopping carts, garbage, drug use in front of the hedges, you get my drift. I wonder if Michelle is at all concermed about her tax payers? What about the houses next door and behind this place? The seniors complex across the road — the ones that have paid their taxes their whole lives? What about the young adults that cannot afford a house in the community they grew up in?

I was witness to one incident at a local bank — two police cars, one ambulance, for two homeless people who basically ran in the other direction when offered a warm place to go and food. Who’s paying for these resources?

Thank you Garry Bruce, who seems is the only levelheaded one on council. No, you don’t know better than the residents who live in this area — we said no and yet onward it is going.

So Dec. 13 they said yes, Dec. 17 fencing arrives to the site. Hmmm, doesn’t that make one think? It takes us years to build a high school and police station — one week to get started on homeless housing.

Yes, gut-punched is definitely how we are feeling!

Caren Bossons