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Letter: A tribute to a wonderful spirit gone too soon

Goth met her death along a road where people have no concern for road safety

A tribute to a wonderful spirit gone too soon

I am writing a tribute to a very special cat. We moved back to the Valley in October, 2022. My daughter has always wanted a cat. She, my daughter, has a very in tune nature with animals. We have had hamsters, and have finches but have always stated no cat or dog until we purchase our own place. We volunteer at the local SPCA, where my daughter gets her cuddles in and helps take care of the cats.

One day while sitting on the couch she jumped up and stated with much joy, “we have a cat!” Sure enough at our patio door was a beautiful longhaired black cat, three days before Halloween.

Our son had just lost his cat, which had an uncanny resemblance. So this cat was deemed our spirit cat.

We would feed her when she showed up. My daughter would sit for hours in the elements to snuggle this cat that smelled of fresh pine and dirt…always. She was a forest cat.

For three months this relationship continued. The cat, known now as Goth, would not show up every day. She seemed to know when my daughter was genuinely in need of her and there she would be. Everything was dropped and the two of them would snuggle. I was bringing hot water bottles out to keep my daughter warm.

Then one day my husband and I decided this is ridiculous, and allowed the cat into our home — just for cuddles. Goth was already arriving every day, so we had boundaries. This was just feed and visit time. Oodyoos was very helpful in providing samples of food while we figured out what she liked. Duck and game was her favorite kibble. Of course this was after her wet food.

Goth was a vocal cat ensuring she checked out every room and knew everyone was around. She soon learned to be quieter, but had to ensure everyone was where they should be early in the morning. Goth would beg like a dog in the kitchen, stand on your toes to ensure you knew she was there, give you big head butts and kisses when picked up. There had to have been a house that loved her before or too.

We were at the point of taking her to the vet to check for microchip and overall health but now she is gone.

Goth met her death along a road where people have no concern for road safety. We live in the Koksilah area. Vehicles drive like they are on a highway with no regard for people walking to bus stops, their pets or wildlife. Early Sunday morning someone had no regard for the life of a cat they hit, and kept on their journey. Goth was found by a lovely lady who pulled her off the road and continued her quest to find a home that knew her. Thank you.

If by chance, there is another household out there that is missing the love of a black longhaired, padded polydactyl on all four paws, with beautiful green eyes that see through to your soul and a whole lot of love to give, she has been given a burial and a loving good-bye. For she will always have a place in our hearts. Thank you Goth!

Danielle Morley