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Letter: 39 Days of July world class

What an undertaking!

39 Days of July world class

I know this is quite late but I felt I had to write anyway. My husband and I feel that any resident of this area who didn’t or couldn’t take in any of this festival really lost out as it was absolutely superb, thanks to John and Ted and all the others involved. What an undertaking! We’ve been to many jazz festivals in the western U.S. and Canada and they were only on weekends! I can’t even imagine the organizing of 39 days and getting all that talent together. We even had the privilege of seeing the Funkanometry kids and they were terrific!

There’s only one thing we aren’t going to miss and that is all those two-wheel, noisy, pains-in-the-butt machines roaring around the town and showing us all how loud they can be every time they pass a group of people enjoying a show or arriving and leaving every stop sign in town. Again, size 52 t-shirt and size 2 hat!

Thanks again Duncan

Pete and Pat McGregor