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John Horgan on taxes

Horgan keeps repeating the phrase 24/7, “the top two per cent in B.C. get a tax break”.

John Horgan on taxes

John Horgan in this October 2020 election campaign has been making bogus comments.

He mentions that former premier Gordon Campbell gave out a 25 per cent tax deduction to his rich friends.

If Horgan would do some research before shooting from the hip, the 25 per cent tax deduction applied to every person in the province.

B.C. Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson has a campaign promise of eliminating the PST for one year and in the second year having the PST at three per cent. Horgan says that this is being done for the rich friends of Wilkinson so that they can now buy a yacht.

Horgan fails to realize that this tax break applies to all B.C. citizens. Citizens can now buy a new car, have car repairs being made, buy home renovation supplies, new furniture, just to name some examples.

Horgan keeps repeating the phrase 24/7, “the top two per cent in B.C. get a tax break”. Complete hogwash.

In 2019, yearly earnings of $113,506.01 to $153,900 were taxed at 14.7 per cent and earnings over $153,900 were taxed

at 16.8 per cent.

In 2020, Horgan changed the tax rates to 16.8 per cent for earnings of $157,748.01 to $220,000 and $220,00 and over to 20.5 per cent.

The ironic thing here is that Horgan is paid a taxpayer funded salary of $210,945.96 per year and puts him in the 16.8 per cent tax bracket.

This is why he made the tax bracket of 20.5 per cent for earnings of $220,000 and over per year.

During the years of the B.C. Liberal government, 14.7 per cent was the highest tax bracket, except in 2014 and 2015, the rate was 16.8 per cent.

When the B.C. Liberals changed the tax back to 14.7 per cent from 16.8 per cent, Horgan used his phrase of the top two per cent.

In summary, the top two per cent is only a John Horgan creation that he has his mind set to. There are many taxpayers earning over $220,00 per year in B.C. including thousands and thousands of employees in B.C. Crown corporations, such as ICBC, B.C. Hydro, government ministries, to name a few.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand this and I find it annoying John Horgan thinking that we are all idiots.

A very sad state of affairs in B.C. having a premier making a fool of himself.


Joe Sawchuk