Here we go again

Vi Davidson writes about the chaos of road work, past and present.

Dear Editor:

For those of you kids who are puzzled, frustrated, and angry at the inconvenience and seemingly ill-plannedness on our main route out of here, I empathize totally.

Just for fun, try this on for size.

Three years after moving here from the mainland, they widened, the road in front of our home.

Total chaos for three months with work going from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and difficult driveway access.

The front of our lot was expropriated — no choice. All our fruit trees taken out for side-lot access.

We were assured by our local council that work was necessary and would make a more appealing entrance to the town.

Right. Neither they nor we had much say in the matter as is the case now.

I took up my anger and frustration with a senior Highways executive and got both some understanding,needed advice, and help, but of course no change of direction.

The decision had been made long before as I suspect is the case here now. Nice that they informed us of plans, but I am quite sure no public input would, as now, have changed matters.

Now they are narrowing the road. Apparently a Dept. of Highways decision.

Three years after the first road “improvements” our finished basement flooded for the first time and had to be completely restored.

We are dreading the possibility of this happening again.

We are told this improvement session is to slow the logging trucks down.

Well, kids, we have never had a problem with the logging truck drivers. They are good drivers, they leave our driveway clear and I have certainly never seen them roar by here like the RVs, campers, trucks with boat trailers, motorcycles, and sports cars.

We live near the road. It has not been fun this past two months. The only reason we’re still here is we wonder what’s going to happen next.

Vi Davidson

Lake Cowichan