Health concerns arise from Smart Meters

Editor: BC Hydro proposes to replace our electric meters with wireless electronic meters.  These will emit elecromagnetic radiation 24/7, sending their signals to one house on each block which will serve as the central control unit which then passes the information to the main controller.

I do not use a cell phone or cordless phone and keep my use of wireless electronics to a minimum because I’ve read enough studies on their link to cancer to take precautions.

Electromagnetic radiation is a field of electrons flowing around an electric current like batteries, wires and appliances.

In the body these are called “free radicals” which bombard our cells, weakening their structure and leaving them susceptible to cancerous change.

I should be allowed to restrict exposure to these harmful radiations in my own home.

By the way, the company that installs these meters in California, PG & E Utility, is the same one made infamous by the movie “Erin Brockovich”, subsequently going bankrupt after being charged with poisoning the town water supply of Hinkley, California with chromium.  Some counties and cities in California have declared a moratorium on these so-called “smart meters”.

If BC Hydro tries to install this meter in my house I will block their way and if they do it in my absence I’ll rip it out.

Yours truly,

Mary Lowther