Gazette editor leaves for colder pastures

Lake Cowichan Gazette editor Tyler Clarke is moving on to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Readers: My last day as the Lake Cowichan Gazette’s editor will be Monday, October 24. I’ve taken a job at the Prince Albert Daily Herald, in Saskatchewan.

This means that my last issue of the Gazette will be the Wednesday, October 26 issue. As such, blame my replacement for anything published after October 26. I’ll be basking in a frigid Saskatchewan winter.

My time at the Gazette has been an enjoyable eye-opener.

It started off on a negative note, with the unexpected passing of my predecessor, Doug Marner.

Until I’d been here for a full year, I was told time and time again that I had “big shoes to fill.”

I hope that I have done so.

Please don’t tell my replacement anything about my, or Doug’s, shoes.

Of my contributions to the Gazette, I’m most proud of my in-depth coverage of local politics (see Pages 2, 5, and 6). This, to me, has been the most important section in each issue; the real local news that matters the most.

I kind of wish the area’s elected officials didn’t do so decent a job, though. A controversy greater than whether or not people should be allowed to camp at Centennial Park for special events would have been nice.

I’m also proud of the recent introduction of court news (see Page 2). Why didn’t I think of it sooner? It’s been met, mainly, with positivity. Those with their names printed in the weekly column haven’t been terribly impressed.

But, just because this is a small community paper doesn’t mean It has to be nice and fluffy all the time. A responsible reporter covers both the good and the bad, and I like to think that I have done so.

I have truly enjoyed my time in Lake Cowichan, and am proud to know some of the friendliest, most welcoming people I have ever met.

Why, then, am I leaving?

There are a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following: A desire to report on a larger centre; to work within a newsroom greater than one person; Saskatchewan housing prices 1/4 those of the Cowichan Lake area; much greater job availability for my partner (Tabatha); a general interest in returning to the prairies.

I guess that about covers it.

I’d like to treat this as an open letter to the many wonderful people I’ve met in the Cowichan Lake area, and to say goodbye.


There’s still one more issue to put together before I leave.