Fund-raisers abound at Cowichan Lake

The Cowichan Lake area is awash in fund-raisers!

The Cowichan Lake area is awash in fund-raisers!

Not that it’s a bad thing. It just makes for a tricky decision amongst those with limited funds to submit to such efforts.

But how does one choose which fund is the most deserving of their hard-earned money?

First and foremost, checking the fund-raisers’ legitimacy should be the top thing one should consider before money is handed out. The Gazette hasn’t come across any even remotely questionable fund-raisers in the area thus far, but one should always be on the lookout.

Other than that, choosing which fund-raiser to support will depend entirely upon one’s motivations and interests. Do you want to help leave a local legacy, or help those less fortunate in other areas of the world? It all depends on one’s priorities.

As for bottle drives, if you simply drop off your bottle donations at a recycling depot, you’re a fool! Wait for the next local bottle drive you support, and make your drop-off then. Some bottle drives actually heed the “drive” half of the events’ name, and will knock on your door to collect your bottles. They’re all good, and well-deserving of your donation.