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Don’t stop in passing lane on highway

This person put us all at risk of being hit

Don’t stop in passing lane on highway

I’m all for slowing down on the highway when I see an emergency vehicle approaching from any direction but I feel the drivers of the Cowichan Valley need to be reminded of what drivers should do to enable the emergency vehicle to pass by safely, keeping us out of danger at the same time.

Some Cowichan drivers need to learn the proper safety tips when encountering an emergency vehicle on the roadway.

Twice now in the past few weeks I’ve found myself behind cars that, when an ambulance approached, on the other side of the road, they ended up stopping their vehicles. They were in the passing lane on the Trans Canada Highway. Yes, that’s where they stopped. I was frantic that I might be rear ended. The ambulance was coming toward us in his own lane and had a clear path to travel. My point is that this person put us all at risk of being hit, as he did not slow down and merge to the slow lane or curb. He just decided to stop in the fast lane of the highway.

My hope is that the ex-RCMP gentleman that writes columns for your paper might be able to shed a little light on this subject as I’m not interested in being the next roadway casualty.

Loren Halloran