Decision to put Warmland where it is was not thought through

Why not get the new hospital going and use the old hospital for Warmland?

Decision to put Warmland where it is was not thought through

I would like to know who put Warmland Shelter in our City of Duncan? I would like to know who put Warmland where it is. Did the people of Duncan or one person decide?

There are a lot of people standing outside of Warmland up the street and as well at the entrance of McDonald’s. Did whomever put Warmland where it is stop to think about how these street people were going to effect the neighbourhood and the surrounding neighbourhoods?

My grandson went to use the washroom at McDonald’s and found a street person shooting up. He got so frightened that he cannot use that washroom and says will not again. Another grandson saw someone doing CPR on someone. When they finished their lunch they saw a person in a body bag. I do not believe children should know about body bags at age 10!

There are schools around Warmland centre and no child should be that close and personal to drugs! It seems like a tutorial on how to do drugs and die. I would also like to know how many seniors live around Warmland? How many have been harassed? How many use walkers, etc.?

My grandson said a child was harassed with a street person chasing someone in his class and the street person saying they were going to prick the child with a needle. How many seniors are frightened to leave their homes and are not going to the doctor or get food? How many seniors don’t go outside for a walk because of fear? How much crime is in the area? I definitely think teachers and principals should not be looking for needles in their schoolyards.

There are apartments around there; how many seniors are looking out their windows and seeing someone looking for a place to shoot up and are frightened they are going to find an overdosed dead body in their yard?

Has anyone from one of the schools, children, teachers, found an overdosed dead body? If not, they surely may because of the drug activity around there. Sometimes there is a real need and we do the first thing that comes to mind and it is not the right one. I feel putting Warmland where it is was not the right decision.

Please just think about what you have done to homes and businesses around Warmland.

Why not get the new hospital going and use the old hospital for Warmland? The bottom floor could teach cooking and with the teaching feed the people. The main floor could be the operations of Warmland, such as ofices and schooling to get to Grade 12. Second floor could be living quarters, showers etc. Third floor counselling for yourself and money. Fourth floor rehab.

At least with the hospital you can bring in retired doctors, teachers etc. You could have on staff a preacher to counsel the people and be there for the families if their loved one dies. It can be very hurtful when someone dies.

To me, no one person thought this one through. They did not think that schools would be affected, the elderly and families would be affected, as well as businesses in such a great way like this. I also feel the tent cities could be in the parking lot of the hospital, because we then would have staff on board to handle overdoses etc. Then we would not overload our hospital and ambulances as well as police.

We are going to have street people. Taht is the way it is nowadays, but we don’t have to be irresponsible about it. Let’s do everyone some good and place the homeless wehre they can get some help without too much hurt and fear to the neighbourhood. Please remove Warmland from around schools, the elderly and businesses, family homes so close at hand. Please! From a mother and grandmother as well as a long-time citizen of Duncan. Let’s all join together people and ask nicely for this to happen as a city that cares for all its people.

Alicia Todd