Death by a thousand pinpricks

Cowichan Lake is a beautiful body of water... For now, anyway.

Cowichan Lake is a beautiful body of water… For now, anyway.

The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) is in the midst of dealing with a number of applications to have riparian zone regulations ignored, at Cowichan Lake.

In many of these cases, the land should have never been sold to private land owners. Now, due to bleeding hearts (applicants tend to be nice people), it’s expected that enough CVRD board members give in, and allow riparian zone regulations to be ignored. After all, one infringement isn’t a big deal. But, they add up.

Kudos to Youbou/Meade Creek area director Klaus Kuhn for consistently voting against allowing the relaxation of riparian regulations, regardless of the situation.

Another thought: With the almost imminent failure of septic tanks, why is the CVRD continuing to allow them? Has no one heard of organic (also known as compost) toilets? Of waste, 90 per cent is liquid that can be evaporated, while the remaining 10 per cent can be turned into garden compost, if done correctly. And it can be virtually smell-free. Educate yourself. Anyone can do it.