CVRD grants in aid excessive

The CVRD’s grants in aids like another tax increase without tax payers approval.

What is going on? The CVRD’s grants in aid to the Island Corridor Foundation ($244.050), and the Cowichan  Sportsplex  ($146.500)is like another tax increase without tax payers approval. When does it stop?

Maybe it is time that Lake Cowichan opts out of the CVRD except for water, garbage and transportation that we all need. The rest is just excess spending. Time to pull the plug?

Does our mayor and council have the interest of Lake Cowichan taxpayers or do they agree to these  excessive tax increases?

Human nature is that few have the time or inclination to attend Town meetings. But that the 30-50 that do attend, even though their opinions do count, does not represent all of us.

When will democracy again rule? Electing  a mayor and council should not give them the right to do as they please. Their argument that “You elected us now let us do our job,” is redundant with out taxpayer oversight. We should — as a society — have the right to a formal vote.

It is perhaps time that elected officials plan their expenditure and spending and give the tax payer the right to approve or disapprove their decisions on a ballot.

It is probably also time that a detailed budget (after a budget has been completed) is forwarded to all residents of Lake Cowichan, to inform all of us where and how our tax dollars are spent. Telling us that it can be viewed at the Town office is like trying to invite all of us to arrive there to view one document.

Democracy? Is it really still alive?

Bert Lievre

Lake Cowichan