‘Conservative’ candidates not PCs

Without fiscal responsibility, progressive social policy is not sustainable.

The ideological and thoughtless character of the “new” Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates calling for tax cuts to corporations and for the richest few reminds us that their politics are American neoconservative, not conservative and that they are not Progressive Conservatives.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada stated clearly the view and principle that conservatives in Canada seek a “balance between progressive social policy and fiscal responsibility.” Without fiscal responsibility, progressive social policy is not sustainable.

Conservatives and fellow Canadians of all political outlooks need to be concerned that the anti-government libertarian objective of “starve the beast” American neoconservative approaches to taxation and government services remains evident in proposals by the majority of “Conservative Party” “leadership” candidates.

Will the majority of members of the “Conservative Party” continue down the path rejected by Canadians now that Canadians understand the party is not the Progressive Conservative party we thought we were voting for? Or will the party renew itself as Progressive Conservatives?

PCs, as all real Tories have intended the word Tory to mean in Canada from Sir John A. Macdonald forward, building on the British tradition through Joseph Addison through Edmund Burke to Disraeli onward, and in the principles of liberal democracy enunciated by John Locke in the 17th century at the time of the birth of the Tory party as the foundation of western society.



Brian Marlatt

Honeymoon Bay