Two swimmers planning record-breaking feat on Cowichan Lake

What’s Your 150? Simmons and Cape are looking for inspiration online.

Susan Simmons and Alex Cape, two of Vancouver Island’s most prolific swimmers, have set their sights on Cowichan Lake, and are looking to locals to provide some inspiration.

Simmons, a 50-year-old data services manager, and Cape, a 35-year-old military paramedic, have already made a name for themselves through their aquatic feats, including a 70 km swim on Cowichan Lake last August, which took them from Lakeview Park to Heather Campsite and back. The swim took them 33 hours to complete, and they managed to raise $5,000 for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Now the duo is returning to the lake to rise to an even bigger challenge. Their new course will take them from Lakeview Park to Heather Campsite, back to Lakeview Park, to the northeast arm of the lake near Youbou, then back to Lakeview Park. The more than 105-km swim is expected to take 50 hours, and if completed, will replace the current world record for distance swam in flat water. The current record was achieved by fellow Canadian swimmer Vicki Keith, who swam a 104-km double crossing of Lake Ontario in 1987. Keith completed her swim in 56 hours and 10 minutes.

In preparation for their record-breaking attempt, Simmons and Cape are asking people to declare their own “105s” on their website ( which they say will be used for inspiration along the way. As of Monday (April 6), 42 people have posted their own 105s, which are viewable on the website. The pledges range from swimming 105 lengths to cycling 105 km to doing 105 “chakra balances.”

Simmons and Cape are scheduled to start the swim July 31 and complete their route on August 2.

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