Town to purchase speed reader board

ICBC to support town in purchase of speed reader board

The Town of Lake Cowichan is to purchase a speed reader board following confirmation of available financial support from ICBC.

The board would cost $5,900 and ICBC would pay 75 per cent of that thus a total of $4,425, chief administrator Joe Fernandez confirmed.

“Council has been talking about getting a speed reader board,” said Fernandez, speaking at last week’s Public Works Committee meeting at the town hall. “The superintendent has been concerned about the speed through town with the new construction and for the safety of students.”

ICBC contacted the town and Fernandez brought a letter forward for council’s approval to enter into the deal and agreement with ICBC with regards to the purchase.

It is unclear yet where exactly the speed reader board would be placed but that would be at the town’s and council’s discretion, Coun. Tim McGonigle confirmed at the meeting.

Fernandez was also asked by the table where the money would be coming from for the purchase.

“The money will come out of our roads budget,” said Fernandez. “We’ll try it out once and if it works well, we may go back in for another one.”

Council passed a motion unanimously to enter into the contribution agreement with ICBC.

“By having it for a year, we may get the information we need that would support another one,” said Coun. Jayne Ingram.