Town of Lake Cowichan set to purchase new garbage truck

New truck will cost the town over $300,000 but council believe it's a necessity

The Town of Lake Cowichan is on the verge of purchasing a new garbage truck for use around town.

Chief administrator Joe Fernandez brought a request forward to the council table at last Tuesday’s Public Works Committee meeting at the town hall.

“The superintendent and I have been in discussions with Rollins Machinery and we’re looking for the authority to go ahead and purchase a new truck.”

That authority was granted unanimously by council members.

“It will cost the town $269,575 and then could go over $300,000 with options such as a hydraulic oil tank and an aluminium tool box.”

Superintendent Nagi Rizk believes to put an exact figure on the purchase of the truck would be closer to $340,000 and “that’s with a discount” from Rollins Machinery.

The delivery time for the truck to arrive in town is seven months.

Mayor Ross Forrest believes it is something the town should crack on with as the current truck is on its last legs.

“The $300,000 is less than what we anticipated and we know the life is up on our existing garbage truck. It’s a wise move. We can’t get into organics without a new truck. Lets go for it.”