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Tim McGonigle running for mayor of Lake Cowichan

Long-time councillor will run against incumbent Bob Day

Long-time town councillor Tim McGonigle, is running to be the mayor of Lake Cowichan against incumbent mayor Bob Day.

He said that in his many years at the council table, he has gained the knowledge, experience, and contacts to move into the mayor’s role.

“In 2018 after the sitting mayor stepped aside to deal with family issues, I was entrusted by my colleagues to fill the role of acting mayor until the byelection took place,” McGonigle said.

“During this time, it reaffirmed my ability to take on the position.”

McGonigle said it’s time for a culture change in how the town views its taxpayers.

He said they are investors in the community and should be involved in investor interests budgeting.

“I would see that we continue to work on the affordable-seniors housing project, and lobby senior levels of government to change the building code to allow tiny homes as an option for much needed housing stock,” McGonigle said.

“I would promote existing opportunities for secondary suites, and carriage houses to help as well. I would work with municipal associations to fix the unsustainable, broken property-tax model, and look at resource sharing to allow for sustainable funding options,” he said.

“If elected, I would continue the collaborative dialogue with our local First Nation on mutual support in our communities. Above all, I am committed to leave Lake Cowichan a better, more sustainable place for my grandchildren and future generations. I hope to gain your trust as we near the upcoming election.”