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Stacy Middlemiss looking to hold on to Duncan council seat

There are nine candidates for the city’s six council seats

Stacy Middlemiss is running for re-election to Duncan council.

She said the fact that she is young, professional with a family, respectful, hard-working and not afraid to speak up and ask hard questions are just some of the reasons people should consider her for re-election to Duncan council.

“As a region, we have been pleading with the federal and provincial governments to provide funding and supports for the many issues that we, as a municipality and taxpayers, have been burdened with after years of careless program cuts and irresponsible forecasting,” said Middlemiss, who is a registered psychiatric nurse.

“They include mental health and substance-use programs, the opioid-poisoning crisis, doctor and nursing shortages, changing climate, lack of affordable and subsidized-housing options for low income-seniors and people with disabilities, to name a few.”

Middlemiss said all of these issues combined have placed a heavy burden on the community’s overall health and well-being, and the local businesses and economy.

“Recent announcements on repeat offenders and random stranger violence, child-care spaces and supports, and complex-care housing gives me hope that we are being heard and change is coming,” she said.

Middlemiss said a diverse council is imperative to ensure that Duncan remains a safe and affordable place that both younger families starting out, like hers, and those who are looking to retire after a lifetime of contributing to the community, want to stay and play in.

“It is just as crucial that those elected be willing and able to collaborate, not only with one another but with our partners at Cowichan Tribes, North Cowichan, and the CVRD,” she said.

“Debate and differences of opinions bring value to the table, but those elected must be able to do so in a respectful and civilized manner.”

Middlemiss can be reached by email at