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New bylaw to update Board of Variance

New bylaw is underway with the Town of Lake Cowichan to update and implement new Board of Variance.

A new bylaw is underway with the Town of Lake Cowichan to update and implement a new Board of Variance.  The board is an appeal body that hears and decides upon appeals regarding zoning, development, permits, signage, tree by-laws and parking matters.

Any rezoning bylaw must be voted on and considered on four separate occasions to become adopted. The bylaw was given its first, second and third reading at the last regular council meeting and will be adopted at the next regular council meeting in April.

Bylaw 262-1975 will be repealed as it is replaced by the new Board of Variance Bylaw 915-2012. The purpose of this updated bylaw is to ensure where council has adopted a zoning bylaw there shall be established a bylaw Board of Variance.

The Board of Variance will determine any appeals with respect to issues contained in section 901 and 902 of the Local Government Act, previously known as the Municipal Act.  The board will govern whether compliance with certain requirements of a zoning bylaw would cause suffering.  If so, they may grant a minor variance providing conflict will not arise with the local government policies.

Three members will be appointed by council but they cannot be a member of council or of the Advisory Planning Committee and cannot be an employee or officer of the Town. There is no remuneration for the appointed members, but related expenses for conduct of official duties will be reimbursed.  Appointment of these members will exist for a maximum of a three year term.