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Laura Interlandi running for school board in SD79

Election day is Oct. 15
Laura Interlandi is running for school board in Cowichan. (Submitted)

Laura Interlandi is running for a seat on the board in the Cowichan Valley school district.

There are 18 candidates running for the seven positions at the board table.

Interlandi said she believes that people parenting young children should always be included at the decision making table.

She said that among her values are inclusion, in which every person deserves to feel safe and a have a sense of belonging; equity in that when people are honest about where and why disparities exist, and centre the needs of community members who face the most barriers, everyone benefits; and community care in which a culture of community care creates psychological safety which is a key condition for both positive mental health and educational excellence.

Interlandi also said she values engagement and having trustees that are parenting young children in district schools makes sense.

“We offer daily, on-the-ground connection which increases all-directional engagement between students, parents, teachers and the board,” she said.

“I also believe in innovation and to face the climate crisis and the many societal challenges our students are set to inherit, they will need innovative future forward ways of working to solve problems and stay hopeful.”

Interlandi said as the daughter of a recently retired career educator, she deeply respects the teaching profession.

“As a family support worker, I am also adept at listening to parents,” she said.

“As a doula, I have been trusted by many members of our community to support their most tender and intense family moments with a calm and measured presence. As a systems change advocate in an interdisciplinary field, I am accustomed to problem solving in a collaborative way that also holds people and institutions accountable.”

Interlandi said she offers a perspective and energy that is a positive contribution to collective decision making.

“I am someone that different sides can come to and feel respected and heard,” she said.