Road hockey game during Lake Days tourney

Road hockey game during Lake Days tourney

Lake Days final results

Lake Days final results in Soap Box Derby, Road Hockey and Parade

  • Jun. 20, 2012 12:00 p.m.

Soap box derby:

Winners for the A class division were: 1st, Seth Nahirnick; 2nd, Miles Gibson; 3rd Alex Sawatsky.

Winners for the B class division were: 1st, Luke Martin; 2nd Jack Crossno; 3rd, Brian Hill accepting for Riley Hill.

Winners for the C class division were: 1st, Gary Miller; 2nd, Wes Kelly; 3rd, Brian Hill.


Non Commercial Vehicles

1. A.T.V. Quads

2. Tod Spooner

3. City of Vernon Royalty

Commercial Vehicles

1. Canadian Tire

2. CVRD Transit

3. Cowichan Lake Recreation

Youth Entries

1. Sea Cadets

2. Forrest Tuttle

3. Josh Amendt

Commercial Floats

1. Country Grocer

2. Island Savings

Lady of the Lake candidates

1. Miss Elks

2. Miss Legion

3. Miss Cow Cafe


1. Pipe and Drum Band

Non Commercial Floats

1. Minor Baseball

2. Nanaimo Bathtub Society

3. Nanaimo Empire Days


Longest Tow

City of Vernon Royalty

President’s Choice

Nanaimo Empire Days

Best in Town

Country Grocer

Best out-of-Town

Nanaimo Bathtub Society

Road Hockey:

Norris Division

1. Victoria Warriors

2. Bull dogs

3. Concrete Crushers

4. Chaos

Smythe Division

1. Rockets

2. Sexy Six

3. Thunderbirds

4. Smarties

Patrick Division

1. Blazers

2. 4th Liners

3. Under Dogs

4. Direwolves

Adams Division

1. Up’n Comers

2. Charlie’s Angels

3. Red Necks

4. Adanacs

Lakers Division

1. Half Cutz

2. Thrifty Thunder

3. Harlem Heat

4. Bar Down Boys