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Lake Cowichan School achieves 100% pass rate in provincial exams

Science 10, English 10, Social Studies 11 and English 12 exam writers all pass the provincial

Lake Cowichan School recently achieved a 100% exam pass rate in its provincial examinations.

The stat is a first time thing for the school and proud principal Nicole Boucher deemed it a particularly exciting feat.

"All students who wrote the provincial exams passed," said Boucher. "Our students wrote provincial exams for Science 10, English 10, Social Studies 11 and English 12, and that was the first semester students. I don't recall that happening before so it's very exciting for the students, the teachers and for me."

Boucher predicted a total of "70 to 80" students had passed the provincials exams held in Lake Cowichan.

Every year in the spring, the school receives a report from the Fraser Institute outlining a study of the school's achievements and performance rates.

Although the latest exam success wasn't processed in time to be on the most recent report, Boucher and staff can seemingly look forward to a very fruitful version next time round.

"The report looks at a few things," said Boucher. "It looks at transition rates for students from grade to grade and also informs us about exam pass rates and graduation rates as well."

The news comes after a recent presentation from Island Health stalwart Dr Paul Hasselback who determined that children just entering school in the town "aren't as well prepared to start" as they have been in the past.