Lake Cowichan public meeting for local businesses and landlords

Town council and staff to meet with business owners, property landlords and Chamber of Commerce members

The Town of Lake Cowichan will hold a public meeting next Monday, March 24, at Centennial Hall.

The meeting, which begins at 7 p.m., invites business owners, property landlords and Chamber of Commerce members only to come out for discussion with town and officials.

Both councillors and members of town staff will be present.

“It’s not about what can I do for you, it’s about what we can do together,” said Coun. Tim McGonigle at last week’s Finance and Administration meeting. “I’m comfortable with the mayor leading it and I don’t think we need an agenda.”

The town has stated that the purpose of the meeting is to “develop ideas and next steps for the revitalization of the downtown. Exercise would also involve working towards a partnership that would benefit all.”

Mayor Ross Forrest is keen for as much input from the public as possible as the town continually looks at future improvements for Lake Cowichan at the council table.

“Our voice is not more important than the businesses,” said Forrest. “We do sincerely want to hear what everyone has to say.”

McGonigle is envisioning discussion on the downtown revitalization, including the new Renfrew Town Square, to make up a key element of the meeting, as well as “business improvement.”

Coun. Bob Day also called for unison and suggested that councillors do not “sit at the front” of the hall on the night and merely in a circle together.

The first public meeting for regular citizens of Lake Cowichan will be held May 26.