Honeymoon Bay event aims to put seniors in the know at info day

Getting older can sometimes be a complicated business.

Getting older can sometimes be a complicated business. Besides creaking knees and a little snow on the roof top, there are questions about retirement, pensions, health care and mobility issues, just to name a few. In an effort to help provide some answers, the Honeymoon Bay Community Society is again hosting their senior’s Information Day. This free event will take place on Thursday, Feb. 23 from 10a.m. to 2p.m. at the Honeymoon Bay Community Hall.

“We’ve done it twice before and had a really good turnout, “said HBCS member, Guy Patten.

Representatives from Service Canada, Service BC and the Department of Motor Vehicles will be on hand to answer questions on a range of topics. For seniors, or those getting close to retirement age, this venue provides access to experts in the field. Questions like, “When can I retire?”, “What programs am I eligible for?”, “Do I have to surrender my driver’s licence at a certain age?” can all be answered at this event.

“This is a strictly non-political event, aimed at providing people with the information that they need,” said HBCS organizer, Dick Orman. “Last year’s event went over really, really well and we had a lot of requests to do it again.”

Financially, there are programs available for seniors in property tax deferment, home owner’s grants and renter’s assistance as well as income supplements like Old Age and Canada Pension plans. There is also help available in areas like health care, transportation, recreation and family services. It’s crucial to be aware of what exactly you are entitled to, how to go about accessing benefits and when you are eligible to begin receiving them.

“This year we have someone from Motor Vehicles coming to answer questions about driver’s licenses and of course all the pension and Medicare information as well,” said Orman. “It’s all free and a light lunch will be provided.”

So whether you hung up the work boots years ago, are recently retired, or hope to pack it in sometime in the next decade or so, this event will help you gain the knowledge to make the upcoming years, truly golden.