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Hiker fogged in on Golden Ears, spends 2 nights

Talon Helicopters, Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue bring him home Monday
There is an emergency shelter near the Golden Ears peaks. (Facebook/Special to The News)

A hiker did the right thing when he was socked in by fog while climbing the Golden Ears Mountain – he stayed put.

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue spokesperson Rick Laing said the hiker was well equipped and making his way down from the popular peaks when “the weather closed in on him” on Saturday evening. Laing said he was right not to take unnecessary changes.

Visibility was dramatically reduced, and the hiker did not want to try to get down the mountain with limited vision.

“He was uncomfortable traversing the snow fields if he couldn’t see very far,” said Laing.

The Delta man had a satellite messaging device to call family, and was able to spend the night at the emergency shelter on the mountain.

After a night in the unheated A-frame, he was still fogged in, and also spent Sunday night on the mountain.

“He had supplies, and was in no danger,” noted Laing.

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Monday morning the Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue, which assistance from Talon Helicopters, was able to fly to the emergency shelter and give the hiker a ride home.

The Golden Ears Emergency Shelter sleeps 6-8, and is located on a ridge about 300m from the North Ears peak.

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