Duncan city council gives green light to minor changes to College Street project. (Submitted photo)

Duncan city council gives green light to minor changes to College Street project. (Submitted photo)

Duncan council allows minor changes to College Street development

Project calls for five three-storey structures, with 21 units

Duncan’s council decided at its meeting on April 20 to allow some changes that were proposed for a new, multi-unit strata development that will be located at 1027 College St.

The development, which was originally approved by council in November, will consist of five three-storey structures, including two six-plexes at the front of the property and three triplex buildings across the rear of the property, that will have a total of 21 units.


One of the changes that council allowed is the replacement of the concrete-surface parking spaces in front of the structures that would have contained median planting strips with exposed aggregate concrete paving without the median planting strips.

The project’s architects explained in a letter to the city that, in theory, it would have been great to have ground cover to break up and soften the driveways and parking areas, “but unfortunately, the practicality of plants and irrigation in the driveway, where they will be subjected to regular vehicle traffic, will not be successful”.

Council also allowed the developer to replace the approved 1.2-metre wood fence and gates along the front property line, with a 0.6-metre stone wall with 1.2-metre pillars flanking metal gates, as well as changing the setbacks in the rear of some of the buildings to 4.5 metres and 5.25 metres.


A number of councillors asked Michelle Geneau, the city’s planning manager, if she concurred with the requested changes.

“They are pretty minor,” she said.

The site originally consisted of three individual properties, each with a single-family dwelling.

In 1995, the properties were consolidated into a single parcel with an approximate area of 2,717 square metres (0.27 hectares).

Demolition permits were issued to remove the single-family homes, and the last structure was removed in 2000.

For 19 years the lot has remained vacant and, as such, has been utilized by unwanted trespassers.


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